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Paul Kirchner, The Bus

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Jakarta Records

my favorite album of October

Verse 2]
Niggas with knowledge is more dangerous than than niggas with guns
They make the guns easy to get and try to keep niggas dumb
Target the gangs and graffiti with the Prop 21
I already know the deal but what the fuck do I tell my son?
I want him living right, living good, respect the rules
He’s five years old and he still thinking cops is cool
How do I break the news that when he gets some size
He’ll be percieved as a threat or see the fear in they eyes
It’s in they job description to terminate the threat
So 41 shots to the body is what he can expect
The precedent is set, don’t matter if he follow the law
I know I’ll give my son pride and make him swallow it all (Damn!)
Fuck the pigs! I think the pigs killed Big and ‘Pac too
If they didn’t they know who did, they got to!
Who they serve and protect, nigga not you
Cops shot off of ten G’s but they got Glocks too
Let you protect yourself, or better yet respect yourself
Straight into the hospital is where you gotta check yourself
They be getting tips from snitches and rival crews
Doing them favors so they working for the drug dealers too
Just business enforcers with hate in they holsters
Shoot you in the back, won’t face you like a soldier
Kurt Loder, asked me what I say to a dead cop’s wife
Cops kill my people everyday, that’s life

Talib Kweli, “The Proud”

i was so ready to hate.

then i saw this

and jaden smith’s got talent 

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AZ ft Kenny Greene

What’s The Deal

Hip-Hop is still art. These two are preserving that, even while walking among the majors. Respect to them both. This and the kahlil gibran video are gonna put Flylo down in history right next to his ancestors. 

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